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About Us

Dynamic Women Charity 

Beauty for Ashes Organization, Inc. is an empowerment center for women of all ages. B.F.A. assist women in being all they are; by unleashing the intellect to embrace the totality of their true being. It is our mission for women to identify, fortify, promote, and ensure that women will live out their lives authentically:



Is aiding women to expose their strengths, abilities, weaknesses, and inabilities.


Is assisting women to strengthen all areas of their life by networking with resources such as, community leaders, agencies, and other organizations that will meet their needs in those desired areas.


Is helping women to educate, network, and build relationships that is parallel with their purpose in life.


To help women embrace their true identity.


These principles will be accomplished by Enrichment sessions targeting self-esteem: support, education, appearance, and vast array of topics that plague women today. Also, Empowerment Seminars and Conferences, Innovative Events, and One-on-One Sessions, and Internet and Social Medias with featured guests will be voices used to reach, inform and network with our communities, region, state, the nation and around the world.

Beauty for Ashes Organization, Inc. is calling women to a higher standard.  "Isaiah 61:3"  

No more should women stay in the trenches of regret but rather expose the beauty of each other!




All Beauty, No Regrets: Moving Forward