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Visionary Women’s Organization Providing Invaluable Female Help

Beauty For Ashes Organization, Inc., is a women’s organization offering targeted female help. Working within a range of communities, we direct money and resources where it is most needed, making a real difference. 

Cash donations are used to provide women with essentials such as clothing, household items, hygiene, transportation vouchers, school supplies Christmas gifts for women who are in children reunification programs. Any other support is offered based on availability.


Contact us at P.O. Box 2402, Eagle Lake, FL 33839  to contribute towards our female help program.


Enriching Volunteer Opportunities & Programs

Beauty For Ashes Organization, Inc. offers several volunteer opportunities and volunteer programs. Sign up to volunteer or become a member by contacting us directly at our empowerment center. 

Your Input Can Change Lives
We are actively looking for community leaders such as business owners, CEOs, motivational speakers, pastors, to assist in mentorship opportunities. Volunteers do need to be available for events as they are held.


Contact us at (863) 662-8936 for more information.

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